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About EFCWest

DU-Logo-250pxEFCWest at Dominican University is housed within the School of Business and Leadership and partnered with the MBA in Sustainable Enterprise (GreenMBA). All of our work upholds the principle that environmental protection creates long-term financial sustainability.

Featured Project

  • City of San Rafael: Green For Profit

    City of San Rafael: Green For Profit

    Interactive sustainability workshops are being conducted by the Environmental Finance Center, Natural Capitalism Solutions and GreenMBA alumni and students, with support from the City of San Rafael and the Marin Chamber of Commerce. Through our Greening for Profit program, organizations are transformed to be leaner, greener and more profitable.

Partners and Memberships

  • Dominican University of California's GreenMBA
  • California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative
  • Teach with Africa
  • EFCN - Environmental Finance Center Network
  • Venture Greenhouse
  • Northern California Recycling Association