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About EFCWest

DU-Logo-250pxEFCWest at Dominican University is housed within the School of Business and Leadership and partnered with the MBA in Sustainable Enterprise (GreenMBA). All of our work upholds the principle that environmental protection creates long-term financial sustainability.

Featured Project

  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Leadership in South Africa

    Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Leadership in South Africa

    EFCWest, in partnership with Teach with Africa (a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco) and the LEAP School (an innovative South African High School), has been offering Sustainable Leadership and Entrepreneurship training since 2010 in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Partners and Memberships

  • EFCN - Environmental Finance Center Network
  • Teach with Africa
  • National Healthy Nail and Beauty Salon Alliance
  • Dominican University of California's GreenMBA
  • USEPA - US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Northern California Recycling Association
  • Venture Greenhouse